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Whether it’s a family reuninon, wedding party or break from college, the Lovewater team knows how give your group a surfing experience to remember. Above all, we are known for creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere where groups can learn to surf together. Simply pick your time and date online and we'll provide the rest. We provide all the gear needed. Just show up and have a blast!

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Our Group Surf Class is a fun and affordable way to join meet others and learn to surf at the same time. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate surfer, our Group Surf Class will help fine tune your surf skills while meeting a few new surfing friends from the area. The surf class includes surfboards, wetsuits as well as a full 1.5 hours of surf coaching. Come out, make some new friends and enjoy some of the best waves in the area. (Ages: 14+)



If you really want to know what sets us apart, it's our team! Unlike like other surf schools, all our coaches know the sport inside and out. Whether it's surfing technique, lineup positioning, surf etiquette, or simply understanding the swell and tides, our instructors will impart all the knowledge you need to advance to the next level in your surfing skills.

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